Born in Roma in July 1951 where he lives and works.

Since 1985 numerous personal and collective shows across Italy, France, Spain.

The colors he uses are those of the earth, skies, and walls of the Roman churches. His abstract compositions are full of universal symbols; he managed to create his own alphabet through black signs. All these shapes lead to the creation of unpredictable architectures. Signs and colors are the essence of his art.

He often combines painting and sculpture on the canvas.

Acquisitions by museums:

Taiwan, Kaohisung Museum of Fine Arts
Saint-Julien-MolinMolette, Musée de l’archeologie du Futur
Modena, Galleria Civica
Lijubjana, National Museum o Slovenia
Tachikawa City, Tokyo, Civica Collezione di Scultura
Ravenna, Panacoteca Comunale,
Roma, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Bratislava, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum





Tommaso Cascella – Antica amicizia

MEDIUM: M Media on canvas (glued on wood) DIMENSIONS: 150 x 130 Cm Back