In November 2020, Aida Cherfan Fine Art celebrated 20 years at Antelias – Greater Beirut –

Aida Cherfan Fine Art gallery was carefully designed to host a permanent display of artworks through collective and individual shows: paintings, sculptures, graphic art and photography.

The gallery hosts only five or six individual shows per year. All the artists affiliated to the gallery will have otherwise the opportunity to show their artwork through carefully planned collective shows.


Multiculturalism in Contemporary Art

  • The gallery promotes living contemporary artists on the local and international level, bearing in mind that its main objective remains: quality and professional consistency in the artwork.
  • Personal and collective shows run for a period of three weeks.
  • The entry of a New Artist is announced on our website as well as via a newsletter sent to our clients.


Visiting international fairs to achieve a double objective

  • Visiting international fairs to achieve a double objective: To search for new talents and to look for an opportunity to associate with foreign galleries.
  • Organizing special shows to present new artists in their full individuality.
  • Regular updating of the website; communication through newsletters via emails and social media to inform the artists, the browsers, the amateurs and the collectors about our latest news and activities .