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Christoff Baron

Born in Blanc Mesnil, France

Christoff Baron lives in Strasbourg, France. He uses for his work scaffolding boards. For his artistic work, he follows the tracks left on the boards by builders or supermarket employees. The work finds its essence in the contrast between industry and art, rough and painted, anonymity and signature, randomness and control.

His exhibitions are inspired by the work of writers and filmakers like Shakespeare, Sydnet Lumet, Dostoïevski and Buzzati. His interest for iconography leads him to work increasingly for many churches, followed by others in the UK, Hungary and New York.

He is also a great illustrator and writer.





Christoff Baron – Gueules de Bois

MEDIUM: M Media on board DIMENSIONS: 120 x 14 Cm (x3) Back

Christoff Baron – Rachel

MEDIUM: M Media on board DIMENSIONS: 120 x 70 Cm  YEAR: 2010 Back

Christoff Baron – Hector

MEDIUM: M Media on board  DIMENSIONS: 120 x 70 Cm  YEAR: 2010 Back