Guido Pajetta was born in Monza in 1898.

He attended at the Brera Academy the Ambrogio Alciati courses>
He was at first influenced by Sironi; followed a surreal period in the mid-30s as well as an interest in the French Fauves.
At the end of the 40’s he adopted expressionism.
In 2004 a major retrospective was organized at the Serrone of the Villa Reale in Monza.





Guido-Paolo Pajetta – L’Insidia

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas DIMENSIONS: 80 x 60 Cm YEAR: Historical, 52 Back

Guido-Paolo Pajetta – II Carrozze

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas DIMENSIONS: 35 x 70 Cm YEAR: 1976 Back