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Ukraine approves new body to regulate gambling business

Ukraine approves new body to regulate gambling business

A new authorized body - the Ukrainian Gambling Council - has been established in the gambling business segment in Ukraine. Its founder is the head of the country's gambling association, Anton Kuchukhidze. The relevant information is posted on the official page of the functionary in the social network slot sites with double bubble.

The main purpose of the new agency is to unite the organizers of gambling entertainment, various specialized agencies and various social organizations to have a positive effect on the developing gambling business in Ukraine.

Commenting on his initiative, the functionary noted that this project is not the first in the gambling industry. "Such practice, which is based on the consolidation of efforts of various structures of the gambling sphere, has been successfully implemented in a number of foreign countries. It cannot be called a novelty. Examples from Europe are plenty," Kuchukhidze added.

Also, the founder of the Ukrainian Gambling Council said that one of the most important tasks of the approved body will be the establishment of proper and effective communication of the industry with the media and institutions of higher state authority. Kuchukhidze believes that the Council will be able to form "a single adequate voice" which will become an authoritative opinion for most citizens.

Earlier Anton Kuchukhidze assessed the current state of affairs in Ukraine's gambling business. In his opinion, the Ukrainian sphere of gambling services should follow the model of development of this sphere in Great Britain.

According to the expert, the British scheme promotes transparency of any operator, its desire to openly discuss with citizens and government agencies, promoting a responsible approach to business. He noted that for the Ukrainian reality such approach is not a method of interaction to date, so most Ukrainians are skeptical about legalization of gambling business.

As a reminder, Ukraine officially opened its first land-based casino with a CRAIL (all slots casino) license


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