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License of Online Casino Australia – Australian Online Casinos

License of Online Casino Australia – Australian Online Casinos

We at Casinofokus recommend that you play only in legal online casinos in Australia. You may not believe it, but there are black sheep in this business, and some are trying to deceive you. If you are wondering how to check for a license – as a rule, it is located at the bottom of the first page of the casino. Moreover, if it is a real license, you can click on its logo and be transferred to its site.

Are casino games legal in Australia and which ones we have summarized for you. On our page you will find online casinos licensed by the State Gambling Commission. I very often find reviews in Australian about a casino, and when I check, it turns out that there is no license. This is dangerous because there is no one to turn to in case of a problem. It's like meeting a stranger on the street and giving him your money. There are several licenses that you can trust and they are – from Australia, from Malta or from Curacao.

Online casinos with Australian license

Australian license- has existed since 2012 and is issued by the State Gambling Commission. This license defines gambling laws – such as game rules, equipment requirements, casino currencies, etc. In short– if you play in an online casino with a Australian license and have any problem, then you can complain to the State Gambling Commission. However, the most important thing in this law is that only casinos that own it have the right to offer online gambling in Australia.

Online casinos with Maltese license

The Maltese Gambling Association issues the most serious and reliable license in Europe. The small country in the Mediterranean has strict measures to enforce safest online gambling sites laws and insists on compliance. In addition to the high issuing fee, Malta also insists that the casino has rules on players' personal data as well as account management. Several audits shall be carried out to establish compliance. If you do not – then the casino license is withdrawn. Although the largest percentage of online casinos in Europe hold this license, they are not allowed to operate in Australia. The ideal option is that a casino has both Maltese and Australian licenses.

Online casinos with English license

Another very reliable license is issued by the UK and has the highest standard in Europe. This is because of the huge security requirements and measures, not only with regard to players' personal data and accounts, but also their rights. If you have found a casino with this license and Australian at the same time, you can safely play in it and feel safe.

Online casinos with a Curacao license

There are also licenses for online casinos, which are issued outside the European Union – the most famous among them is the Curacao. Curacao is a very small island nation in the Caribbean and has been issuing gambling licences for years. Although more and more online casinos with this license have proven to be very reliable, there are still prejudices about its security. For our German page we have tested many casinos with it and have not had any different remarks than these casinos with another license.

Casino Games Australia

The most popular casino games are slots or so-called slot games for various reasons. Regarding strategies on how to profit from an online casino, we have summarized our most profitable and given concrete examples in the Martingale system. By playing some online slots you can choose the value of your bet, you can press the Play button each time or you can play the automatic game. You can set the game to place 50, 100 or more bets without you pressing, and they can be stopped whenever you want. In short, if you run 100 spins to 50 pennies and at some point you win a large amount, you can stop them. The most played games are slots because they have a variety of themes, design, combinations for profit. Most have multipliers, scatters, bonus game. The bonus game is most often in the form of free spins (no deposit), but there is another option in which you can spin a wheel of luck.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are slots with jackpots that are not fixed, and they increase over time. How does that work? The game sets aside some amount from each individual bet – the more people play on it, the greater the amount. They are very popular because very often the amounts are over a million.

Must drop джакпоти

Among the most played games are must drop jackpot, which are slots with statistics on when the next jackpot will be won. This is shown on the screen and you can see at any time approximately when it will be won – say, it writes in about 2 hours. Here the tendency for jackpots not to be millions, because every day they are won and are about AUD‎ 2,000-3,000.

Slots with different functions

Interesting and cool innovation are also online slots with features that you can buy. I.e. you can buy a bonus round or two-word free spins. Instead of playing online games and waiting for the bonus to come, you can buy it. The standard rates are 10, 20, 50 AUD‎, for which you receive free spins. The good thing is that the multipliers are large and large amounts can be won. Still, it's a reminder that this is about luck, too.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games are very interesting and they can best show you what the atmosphere in the terrestrial casinos would be. With them everything happens in real time and the dealers follow the game and talk. Among the most famous live casino games are poker, baccarat and roulette.




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