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Genesis Global Limited's licenses will be revoked

The company Genesis Global Limited is based in Malta and offers its services through various online casinos. The company not only has a license for Malta - it is also allowed to offer games of chance online in European countries.

Now, however, a difficult time is dawning for this company, as its license has been revoked for various countries.

Great Britain revoked the license

In the UK , Genesis Global Limited has offered its services through 12 online casinos. The UK Gambling Commission revoked his license for all of these casinos . This means that this company can no longer operate in the UK. Unfortunately, it is not clear why the license was withdrawn.

What is certain, however, is that the UK Gambling Commission always issues a warning first. If this is not taken seriously or if another violation occurs, a new warning will be issued. All of these warnings are always associated with fines. As a rule, all online gambling providers prevent a warning from being issued and the license being withdrawn.

Anyone looking at these facts will be utterly confused why Genesis Global Limited's license was withdrawn in the first place. Has the company not responded to previous warnings? Has the UK Gambling Authority exaggerated or was it a one-off license violation that resulted in this penalty? Unfortunately, the competent authority does not comment on what has happened.

Affected players don't need to panic

The good news for all players who have played in the affected online casinos is:

  • The gaming authority allows access to your own account to continue to be maintained . This is to enable everyone to dispose of their credit or to have their winnings paid out.

What is explicitly not allowed, however: New deposits. No player should have the opportunity to make new bets for real money in order to continue playing. Genesis Global Limited is also not allowed to offer any new bonuses . This may sometimes be viewed negatively, as many players may be deprived of the chance to meet the wagering requirements for a bonus. Any winnings that have been earned could thus be lost.

Perhaps there is some consolation in the reason why this company was revoked its license in Sweden as well.

Sweden also withdraws the license from Genesis Global Limited

In Sweden, this company offered various games of chance at 13 online casinos , some of which came from well-known game manufacturers such as Microgaming and NetEnt. It goes without saying that they are not responsible, as the withdrawal of the license is definitely only due to the behavior of the company:

  • Genesis Global Limited is said to have advertised again to players who wanted to protect themselves using the blocking option
  • allegedly the company violated the bonus regulations

It would not be surprising if similar violations were exposed by the UK Gambling Authority. It is clear that such behavior cannot be tolerated. Online casinos offer deliberately blocking ability , so the players not protect , for example, to high stakes at roulette or poker to set . But the slots can also be blocked for individual players. If a casino player uses these possibilities, he became aware of an addictive behavior. Ignoring this awareness not only harms the player , but also damages one's reputation.

In any case, the fact is that Genesis Global Limited has received several warnings from the Swedish authorities. Here fines of almost 400,000 euros and 130,000 euros were set. Apparently these amounts are the postage of this company - otherwise it is more than incomprehensible why the company did not react to these warnings. If the admonitions had been taken seriously, there would be no license revocation now.

German players could also be affected

Online casino players should therefore always find out which company is behind the online casino. It may be understandable that the popular casino games from the game manufacturers mentioned above want to be used without restriction. But this is also possible with an online casino whose services are legal in Germany. Then nobody has to do without the casino live area they prefer or a bonus without a deposit . The latter is particularly interesting, as it can also be used to win a high profit or even the next jackpot. It is similar with the free spins for new or popular slots. No deposit casinos is necessary here either, but high winnings await.


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