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Cabin safety in the car

Appearing on the light, the baby becomes the center of life of the family, parents try to surround his love and caress. The most important for loving parents becomes the safety of the baby. In particular, the question of safe journey to the baby in the car.

Not all parents are suitable for this issue seriously, taking only superficial measures in order not to pay fines, and hoping for their driver's abilities. Sometimes this attitude can cost a child or worse than life.

That is why each parent must understand that the safety and life of a child in his hands, which means that it is necessary to approach this very seriously.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the child who is in the car requires a more responsible relationship from the driver. This means that driving should be extremely neat, eliminating any kind of lichetic and risk. The driver of the car in which the child rides must be exemplary and flawless, following all rules of the road.

The car in which the child is driving must be absolutely correct. If there is even the slightest malfunction, for example, non-working signals, it is better not to use this car for the carriage of the baby. Be sure to pay attention to the tires. First, they should be for the season, as the braking path of the car depends on this, and the safety of movement as a whole. Rubber should not be bald or lowered.

Children up to 12 years old in the car can only move in a special device. There are two options: the first is a special booster, allowing you to fasten the child with a seat belt, and the second is a car chair.

The car chair is chosen by the growth and mass of the child. For the installation of the chair is best suited for the middle of the rear seat. For complete safety, the chair must be properly installed. First of all, you need to get acquainted with the instruction in which all the nuances of the installation are usually prescribed. Ultimately, the chair should be well fixed and not hang out when transporting the baby.

Another type of devices that ensure the safety of the baby in the car is a peculiar pillow, raising the child to the level, which makes it possible to fasten it with a seat belt. Such a pillow is called booster. They can be used to transport children whose growth exceeds one meter.

For the transport of infants there are special car seats resembling a cradle or basket.

The transportation of the baby in his arms in an adult is extremely dangerous, since in an emergency an adult will not only be able to keep the crumb, but can make a kid with himself.

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